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Streaming on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix in March 2019

Streaming on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix in March 2019

If you are trying to figure out what’s streaming on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix in March 2019, I’ve got you covered! Here’s a details list of everything coming in March 2019!

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Available On Amazon Prime In March 2019


Available OnMovie or Show Title
03/01/2019Boston Legal, Seasons 1-5
03/01/2019Little House On The Prairie, Seasons 1-9
03/01/2019The Practice, Seasons 1-9
03/01/2019The Unit, Seasons 1-4
03/01/2019The Widow (Prime Original Series), Season 1
03/01/2019A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof (E Per Tetto Un Cielo Di Stelle)
03/01/2019A Woman Possessed
03/01/2019Amelia’s 25th
03/01/2019American Beauty
03/01/2019Baba Yaga
03/01/2019Basic Instinct 2
03/01/2019Big Night
03/01/2019Black Cat (Gatto Nero)
03/01/2019Black Sheep
03/01/2019City Of The Living Dead (Paura Nella Città Dei Morti Viventi)
03/01/2019Death At A Funeral
03/01/2019Deep Red (Profondo Rosso)
03/01/2019Double Jeopardy
03/01/2019Dude, Where’s My Dog?!
03/01/2019Enter The Invincible Hero (Heugpyobigaeg)
03/01/2019From Beneath
03/01/2019Karl Rove, I Love You
03/01/2019La Clave
03/01/2019Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (No Profanar El Sueño De Los Muertos)
03/01/2019Lone And Angry Man (Una Bara Per Lo Sceriffo)
03/01/2019Chinese Hercules (Ma Tou Da Jue Dou)
03/01/2019Major Payne
03/01/2019A Man Called Blade (Mannaja)
03/01/2019Mary Loss Of Soul
03/01/2019Nacho Libre
03/01/2019P.O.E.: Project Of Evil
03/01/2019Prison Girls
03/01/2019Rambo III
03/01/2019Ride Out For Revenge
03/01/2019So Young So Bad
03/01/2019Still Waiting...
03/01/2019The American
03/01/2019The Apple
03/01/2019The Bank Job
03/01/2019The Chumscrubber
03/01/2019The Crazies
03/01/2019The Dead And The Damned
03/01/2019The Four Of The Apocalypse (I Quattro Dell’apocalisse)
03/01/2019The Invincible Armour (Ying Zhao Tie Bu Shan)
03/01/2019The Mighty Quinn
03/01/2019The New York Ripper (Lo Squartatore Di New York)
03/01/2019Us And The Game Industry
03/01/2019Vice Squad
03/01/2019Woman Avenger (Shi Mei Chu Ma)
03/01/2019Xue Lian Huan
03/01/2019Yin Yang Xie Di Zi
03/01/2019You Did This To Me
03/08/2019Costume Quest (Prime Original Series), Season 1
03/08/2019Tin Star (Prime Original Series), Season 2
03/08/2019I Can Only Imagine
03/10/2019Middle Men
03/11/2019The Royals, Season 4
03/15/2019Catastrophe (Prime Original Series), Season 4
03/16/2019Speed Kills (2018)
03/22/2019The Stinky & Dirty Show (Prime Original Series), Season 2
03/22/2019Cold War (Prime Original Movie)
03/22/2019Leng Zhan
03/29/2019Hanna (Prime Original Series), Season 1
03/29/2019The Domestics
03/29/2019American Renegades
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Available On Hulu In March 2019


Available OnMovie or Show Title
03/01/20198 Heads in a Duffel Bag
03/01/2019Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
03/01/2019Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
03/01/2019Alex & Emma
03/01/2019American Beauty
03/01/2019An American Haunting
03/01/2019Astro Boy
03/01/2019Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction
03/01/2019Batman Begins
03/01/2019Black Sheep
03/01/2019Blast from the Past
03/01/2019Breakheart Pass
03/01/2019Bruce Almighty
03/01/2019Death at a Funeral
03/01/2019Deuces Wild
03/01/2019Dirty Work
03/01/2019Double Jeopardy
03/01/2019Drifters, Season 1
03/01/2019Easy Rider
03/01/2019Edward Scissorhands
03/01/2019Fire in the Sky
03/01/2019He Named Me Malala
03/01/2019Heaven’s Gate
03/01/2019I, Dolours
03/01/2019Into The Dark: Treehouse, Episode 6
03/01/2019Inventing the Abbotts
03/01/2019It’s Arbor Day, Charlie Brown
03/01/2019Legally Blondes
03/01/2019Lego Batman: DC Super Heroes Unite
03/01/2019Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash
03/01/2019Nacho Libre
03/01/2019Not Another Teen Movie
03/01/2019Office Space
03/01/2019Open Season
03/01/2019Open Season 2
03/01/2019Open Season 3
03/01/2019Open Season: Scared Silly
03/01/2019Ouija House
03/01/2019Ouija Séance: The Final Game
03/01/2019Perfect Creature
03/01/2019Rambo III
03/01/2019Reasonable Doubt
03/01/2019Red Corner
03/01/2019Red Dragon
03/01/2019Regarding Henry
03/01/2019Return of the Living Dead 3
03/01/2019Return of the Living Dead 4: Necropolis
03/01/2019Return of the Living Dead 5: Rave to the Grave
03/01/2019Rick Steves’ Europe, Season 10
03/01/2019River’s Edge
03/01/2019Shaolin Warrior
03/01/2019Small Soldiers
03/01/2019Summer Catch
03/01/2019The Chumscrubber
03/01/2019The Cider House Rules
03/01/2019The Crying Game
03/01/2019The Dark Knight
03/01/2019The Dogs of War
03/01/2019The Ice Storm
03/01/2019The Mighty Quinn
03/01/2019The Piano
03/01/2019The Pope of Greenwich Village
03/01/2019The French Lieutenant’s Woman
03/01/2019Tristan & Isolde
03/01/2019Two Weeks Notice
03/01/2019What a Girl Wants
03/01/2019What Lies Beneath
03/01/2019What’s the Worst That Could Happen?
03/01/2019Yes Man
03/04/2019American Idol: Season 17 premiere on ABC
03/04/2019Cosmos: Possible Worlds, Series premiere on FOX
03/04/2019Good Girls, Season 2 Premiere on NBC
03/05/2019A Frozen Christmas 3
03/05/2019The Closet (“Le Placard”)
03/05/2019Where Hands Touch
03/06/2019MasterChef Junior, Season 7 premiere on FOX
03/06/2019Mental Samurai, Series premiere on FOX
03/07/2019Rock ‘n’ Roll High School
03/08/2019A.P. Bio, Season 2 premiere on NBC
03/08/2019For The People, Season 2 premiere on ABC
03/08/2019Hang Ups, Season 1
03/08/2019I Can Only Imagine
03/09/2019Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Season 15
03/10/2019Black Clover, Season 1 (Dubbed)
03/10/2019Middle Men
03/11/2019The Party’s Just Beginning
03/13/2019Free Solo
03/15/2019Like Water for Chocolate
03/15/2019No Way Out
03/15/2019Shrill, Season 1
03/15/2019The Fog
03/15/2019Wings of the Dove
03/16/2019Tea with the Dames
03/17/2019Divide and Conquer
03/18/2019Assassination Nation
03/19/2019A Frozen New Year’s
03/19/2019Fear the Walking Dead, Season 4
03/19/2019Juda, Season 1
03/19/2019The Fix, Series premiere on ABC
03/20/2019Girl Most Likely
03/20/2019The Act, Series premiere
03/20/2019The Village, Series premiere on NBC
03/21/2019Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, Series premiere on Freeform
03/21/2019The Last Race
03/22/2019Cardinal, Season 3
03/24/2019Catfish, Season 7, Episodes 1-28
03/26/2019A Cam Life
03/26/2019Dr. K’s Exotic Animal E.R., Season 7 premiere on National Geographic
03/27/2019Monsters and Men
03/29/2019Abby’s, Series Premiere on NBC
03/29/2019The Domestics
03/30/2019Chef Flynn
Netflix Header

Available On Netflix In March 2019

Available OnMovie or Show Title
03/01/2019A Clockwork Orange
03/01/2019Apollo 13
03/01/2019Budapest (France) Netflix Film
03/01/2019Cricket Fever: Mumbai Indians Netflix Original
03/01/2019Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
03/01/2019Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks
03/01/2019Larva Island (Season 2) Netflix Original
03/01/2019Losers Netflix Original
03/01/2019Music and Lyrics
03/01/2019Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist
03/01/2019Northern Rescue Netflix Original
03/01/2019River’s Edge (Japan) Netflix Film
03/01/2019Stuart Little
03/01/2019Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
03/01/2019The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Netflix Film
03/01/2019The Hurt Locker
03/01/2019The Notebook
03/01/2019Wet Hot American Summer
03/01/2019Winter’s Bone
03/01/2019Your Son (Spain) Netflix Film
03/02/2019Romance is a Bonus Book (Korea) Netflix Original
03/03/2019Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj (Volume 2) Netflix Original
03/05/2019Disney’s Christopher Robin
03/06/2019Secret City: Under the Eagle (Season 2) Netflix Original
03/07/2019The Order Netflix Original
03/08/2019After Life Netflix Original
03/08/2019Bangkok Love Stories: Innocence Netflix Original
03/08/2019Blue Jasmine
03/08/2019Formula 1: Drive to Survive Netflix Original
03/08/2019Hunter X Hunter (Seasons 1-3)
03/08/2019Immortals Netflix Original
03/08/2019Juanita Netflix Film
03/08/2019Lady J (France) Netflix Film
03/08/2019Shadow Netflix Original
03/08/2019Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
03/08/2019The Jane Austen Book Club
03/08/2019Walk. Ride. Rodeo. Netflix Film
03/12/2019Jimmy Carr: The Best of Ultimate Gold Greatest Hits Netflix Original
03/12/2019Terrace House: Opening New Doors (Part 6) Netflix Original
03/13/2019Triple Frontier Netflix Film
03/15/2019A Separation
03/15/2019Arrested Development (Season 5 B) Netflix Original
03/15/2019Burn Out (France) Netflix Film
03/15/2019Dry Martina (Argentina) Netflix Film
03/15/2019Girl (Belgium) Netflix Film
03/15/2019If I Hadn’t Met You Netflix Original
03/15/2019Kung Fu Hustle
03/15/2019Las muñecas de la mafia (Season 2) Netflix Original
03/15/2019Love, Death & Robots Netflix Original
03/15/2019Paskal (Malaysia) Netflix Film
03/15/2019Queer Eye (Season 3) Netflix Original
03/15/2019Robozuna (Season 2) Netflix Original
03/15/2019The Lives of Others
03/15/2019Turn Up Charlie Netflix Original
03/15/2019YooHoo to the Rescue Netflix Original
03/16/2019Green Door Netflix Original
03/19/2019Amy Schumer Growing Netflix Original
03/21/2019Antoine Griezmann: The Making of a Legend Netflix Original
03/22/2019Carlo & Malik Netflix Original
03/22/2019Charlie’s Colorforms City Netflix Original
03/22/2019Delhi Crime Netflix Original
03/22/2019Historia de un crimen: Colosio Netflix Original
03/22/2019Mirage (Spain) Netflix Film
03/22/2019Most Beautiful Thing Netflix Original
03/22/2019ReMastered: The Miami Showband Massacre Netflix Original
03/22/2019Selling Sunset Netflix Original
03/22/2019The Dirt Netflix Film
03/26/2019Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid Netflix Original
03/28/2019Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey (Season 2) Netflix Original
03/29/201915 August (India) Netflix Film
03/29/2019Bayoneta (Mexico) Netflix Film
03/29/2019Osmosis Netflix Original
03/29/2019Santa Clarita Diet (Season 3) Netflix Original
03/29/2019The Highwaymen Netflix Film
03/29/2019The Legend of Cocaine Island Netflix Original
03/29/2019Traitors Netflix Original
03/29/2019Tucker and Dale vs. Evil
03/30/2019How to Get Away with Murder (Season 5)
03/31/2019El sabor de las margaritas Netflix Original
03/31/2019The Burial of Kojo
03/31/2019Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series Netflix Original


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