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Streaming on Amazon Prime Hulu and Netflix in November 2018 FT

Streaming on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix in November 2018

Streaming on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix in November 2018

If you are trying to figure out what’s streaming on Amazon Prime, Hulu and Netflix in November 2018, I’ve got you covered! Here’s a details list of everything coming in November 2018!

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Available On Amazon Prime In November 2018

Available OnMovie or Show Title
11/01/20182001 Maniacs
11/01/2018Assault On Precinct 13
11/01/2018Candyman: Day Of The Dead
11/01/2018Child’s Play
11/01/2018Christmas With The Kranks
11/01/2018Cruel Intentions
11/01/2018Desperate Hours
11/01/2018Die Another Day
11/01/2018Duck, You Sucker (A Fistful Of Dynamite)
11/01/2018Guns Of The Magnificent Seven
11/01/2018Hostel: Part II
11/01/2018Jacob’s Ladder
11/01/2018Leaving Las Vegas
11/01/2018Like Water
11/01/2018Little Man Tate
11/01/2018Little Odessa
11/01/2018Lord Of War
11/01/2018Making Contact (Joey)
11/01/2018Michael Clayton
11/01/2018Mr. Bean’s Holiday
11/01/2018Mulholland Falls
11/01/2018My Girl
11/01/2018Terms Of Endearment
11/01/2018The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert
11/01/2018The Adventures Of Tintin
11/01/2018The Birdcage
11/01/2018The Living Daylights
11/01/2018The Magnificent Seven Ride!
11/01/2018The Mexican
11/01/2018The Motorcycle Diaries (Diarios De Motocicleta)
11/01/2018The Red Violin (Le Violon Rouge)
11/01/2018The World Is Not Enough
11/01/2018Thursday Night Football
11/01/2018Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween
11/01/2018Weird Science
11/02/2018Homecoming: Season 1
11/06/2018The Durrells In Corfu: Season 3
11/08/2018Thursday Night Football
11/09/2018Beat: Season 1
11/09/2018Little Big Awesome: Season 1b
11/09/2018Patriot: Season 2
11/10/2018The Children Act
11/15/2018The Expanse: Season 3
11/15/2018Thursday Night Football
11/16/2018Coldplay: A Head Full Of Dreams
11/16/2018Gymkhana Files: Season 1
11/16/2018Kung Fu Panda: The Paws Of Destiny: Season 1a
11/20/2018Creative Galaxy: Arty’s Holiday Masterpiece
11/20/2018Little Women: Season 1
11/20/2018Pete the Cat: A Very Groovy Christmas
11/21/2018Box Of Moon Light
11/21/2018Loving Pablo
11/22/2018Wild Kratts: Creatures Of The Deep Sea
11/29/2018Harry Brown
11/29/2018Thursday Night Football
11/30/2018Inside Jokes: Season 1
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Available On Hulu In November 2018November

Available OnMovie or Show Title
11/01/2018K: Complete Season 2
11/01/2018Sailor Moon: Complete Season 3
11/01/2018Six: Complete Season 2
11/01/201810 to Midnight
11/01/201828 Days Later
11/01/20182001 Maniacs
11/01/2018The Accused
11/01/2018The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
11/01/2018A Fairly Odd Christmas
11/01/2018A Fistful of Dynamite
11/01/2018A View to Kill
11/01/2018Bachelor Party
11/01/2018Barbie Mariposa and Her Butterfly Fairy Friends
11/01/2018Barbie The Pearl Princess
11/01/2018The Big Lebowski
11/01/2018The Birdcage
11/01/2018Benny & Joon
11/01/2018Blue Chips
11/01/2018Boo 2! A Medea Halloween
11/01/2018Candyman 3: Day of the Dead
11/01/2018Carnage Park
11/01/2018Death Wish
11/01/2018Death Wish 3
11/01/2018Death Wish IV: The Crackdown
11/01/2018Desperate Hours
11/01/2018Diamonds are Forever
11/01/2018Die Another Day
11/01/2018Dr. No
11/01/2018Dysfunktional Family
11/01/2018The Faculty
11/01/2018For Your Eyes Only
11/01/2018Four Rooms
11/01/2018From Russia with Love
11/01/2018Guns of the Magnificent Seven
11/01/2018Happy Christmas
11/01/2018Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth
11/01/2018Hellraiser IV: Bloodline
11/01/2018Hostel 2
11/01/2018The Interpreter
11/01/2018Invasion U.S.A.
11/01/2018Italian for Beginners
11/01/2018Jane Eyre
11/01/2018Johnny Reno
11/01/2018Leaving Las Vegas
11/01/2018License to Kill
11/01/2018Like Water
11/01/2018Little Black Book
11/01/2018Little Man Tate
11/01/2018Little Odessa
11/01/2018Live and Let Die
11/01/2018The Living Daylights
11/01/2018Lord of War
11/01/2018The Magnificent Seven Ride
11/01/2018The Man with the Golden Gun
11/01/2018Map of the Human Heart
11/01/2018The Mighty
11/01/2018Missing in Action II: The Beginning
11/01/2018The Mod Squad
11/01/2018Mullholland Falls
11/01/2018Never Back Down
11/01/2018Never Say Never Again
11/01/2018Ninja III: The Domination
11/01/2018Ocean's Eleven
11/01/2018Ocean's Twelve
11/01/2018Ocean's Thirteen
11/01/2018On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
11/01/2018Radio Days
11/01/2018The Red Violin
11/01/2018Rescue Dawn
11/01/2018Revenge of the Ninja
11/01/2018Rob Roy
11/01/2018Santa Hunters
11/01/2018Searching for Bobby Fischer
11/01/2018Species: the Awakening
11/01/2018The Spy Who Loved Me
11/01/2018Tiny Christmas
11/01/2018Tomorrow Never Dies
11/01/2018Wicker Park
11/01/2018The World is Not Enough
11/01/2018XXX State of the Union
11/01/2018You Only Live Twice
11/02/2018Dietland: Complete Season 1
11/02/2018Into The Dark: Flesh & Blood: Episode 2
11/03/2018Vanderpump Rules: Complete Season 6
11/03/2018Larger Than Life
11/03/2018An Ordinary Man
11/06/2018Top Chef: Complete Season 15
11/07/2018Europa Report
11/08/2018Under the Tree
11/09/2018Married With Children: Seasons 1-11
11/10/2018Big Hero 6
11/11/2018Monster’s Ball
11/12/2018The Little Death
11/12/2018The Wolfpack
11/13/2018Keepers of the Magic
11/13/2018Killer Bees
11/15/201812 Dog Days Till Christmas
11/15/2018A Christmas Kiss II
11/15/2018A Cinderella Christmas
11/15/2018A Dogwalker’s Christmas Tale
11/15/2018A Puppy for Christmas
11/15/2018Angels in the Snow
11/15/2018Back to Christmas
11/15/2018Cartel Land
11/15/2018Christmas Belle
11/15/2018Christmas with the Andersons
11/15/2018Dust 2 Glory
11/15/2018Girlfriends of Christmas Past
11/15/2018Hip-hop Houdini: Complete Season 1
11/15/2018Holly’s Holiday
11/15/2018Luis & The Aliens
11/15/2018Married by Christmas
11/15/2018My Dad is Scrooge
11/15/2018My Santa
11/15/2018Naughty & Nice
11/15/2018Rodeo & Juliet
11/15/2018The Bank Job
11/15/2018The Christmas Calendar
11/15/2018The March Sisters at Christmas
11/15/2018The Secret of the Nutcracker
11/16/2018Dept. Q: A Conspiracy of Faith
11/16/2018Dept Q: The Absent One
11/16/2018Dept. Q: The Keeper of Lost Causes
11/16/2018Holly Hobbie: Complete Season 1
11/16/2018The Bisexual: Complete Season 1
11/18/2018Nina’s World: Complete Season 2
11/18/2018Hero (“Ying Xiong”)
11/18/2018The Condemned
11/20/2018Aliens and Agenda 21
11/21/2018Box of Moonlight
11/21/2018Damascus Cover
11/22/2018Hollywood Game Night: Season 6 Premiere
11/23/2018Baskets: Complete Season 3
11/28/2018Best of Enemies
11/29/2018Harry Brown
11/29/2018Mighty Magiswords: Complete Season 1B
11/30/2018Broken Star
11/30/2018Daylight’s End
11/30/2018Scenic Route
11/30/2018The Remains
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Available On Netflix In November 2018


Available OnMovie or Show Title
11/01/2018Angela’s Christmas
11/01/2018Bram Stoker's Dracula
11/01/2018Bring It On: In It to Win It
11/01/2018Cape Fear
11/01/2018Children of Men
11/01/2018Close Encounters of the Third Kind
11/01/2018Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo
11/01/2018Doctor Strange
11/01/2018Fair Game – Director’s Cut
11/01/2018Follow This: Part 3
11/01/2018From Dusk Till Dawn
11/01/2018Good Will Hunting
11/01/2018Jet Li’s Fearless
11/01/2018Julie & Julia
11/01/2018Katt Williams: The Pimp Chronicles: Pt. 1
11/01/2018National Lampoon's Animal House
11/01/2018Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow
11/01/2018Planet Hulk
11/01/2018Scary Movie 2
11/01/2018Scary Movie 3
11/01/2018Sex and the City: The Movie
11/01/2018Sixteen Candles
11/01/2018The English Patient
11/01/2018The Judgement
11/01/2018The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin
11/01/2018The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep
11/02/2018House of Cards: Season 6
11/02/2018ReMastered: Tricky Dick & The Man in Black
11/02/2018The Holiday Calendar
11/02/2018The Other Side of the Wind
11/02/2018They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead
11/02/2018Trolls: The Beat Goes On!: Season 4
11/03/2018Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil
11/04/2018Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj
11/04/2018Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
11/05/2018Homecoming: Season 1
11/05/2018John Leguizamo’s Latin History for Morons
11/07/2018Into the Forest
11/08/2018The Sea of Trees
11/09/2018Beat Bugs: Season 3
11/09/2018La Reina del Flow
11/09/2018Medal of Honor
11/09/2018Outlaw King
11/09/2018Spirit Riding Free: Season 7
11/09/2018Super Drags
11/09/2018The Great British Baking Show: Collection 6
11/09/2018Treehouse Detectives: Season 2
11/12/2018Green Room
11/13/2018Loudon Wainwright III: Surviving Twin
11/13/2018Oh My Ghost
11/15/2018May The Devil Take You
11/15/2018The Crew
11/16/2018Narcos: Mexico
11/16/2018Ponysitters Club: Season 2
11/16/2018Prince of Peoria
11/16/2018She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Season 1
11/16/2018The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
11/16/2018The Break-Up
11/16/2018The Kominsky Method
11/16/2018The Princess Switch
11/18/2018The Pixar Story
11/19/2018The Last Kingdom: Season 3
11/20/2018Kulipari: Dream Walker
11/20/2018Motown Magic
11/20/2018The Final Table
11/20/2018Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia
11/21/2018The Tribe
11/22/2018Jiro Dreams of Sushi
11/22/2018Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet
11/22/2018The Christmas Chronicles
11/23/2018Frontier: Season 3
11/23/2018Sick Note and Sick Note: Season 2
11/23/2018To Build or Not to Build: Season 2
11/25/2018My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Best Gift Ever
11/27/2018Bumping Mics with Jeff Ross & Dave Attel
11/29/2018Pocoyo: Season 4
11/30/2018A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding
11/30/2018Death by Magic
11/30/2018F is for Family: Season 3
11/30/2018Happy as Lazzaro
11/30/2018Rajma Chawal
11/30/2018Spy Kids: Mission Critical: Season 2
11/30/2018The World Is Yours
11/30/2018Tiempo compartido


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