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I’m a photographer and I primarily shoot with models and focus mostly on creative projects.

Behind The Scenes With Danni B

Today we're behind the scenes with Danni B!! We had a pretty full day of shooting, we got some stuff in the studio as well as a few locations around town! I've updated this BLOG to include some of the final edits and you'll find some of the behind the …

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Behind The Scenes With CJ and Jessica G

Behind The Scenes With CJ and Jessica G FT

Join us for some behind the scenes with CJ and Jessica G for a themed body paint photoshoot! This shoot was name after a song titled “Paint It Black” but the style of the shoot actually has nothing else to do with this song, other than the name, haha. The …

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Behind The Scenes With CJ

Behind The Scenes With CJ Zye Garcia FT

Here’s a brief behind the scenes with CJ from todays mini photoshoot! I’m calling it a “mini” shoot because we only shot one set and we typically shoot several sets! And as you can see, there’s never a dull moment when CJ and I get together for a shoot!! I’ve …

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Lindsey & Rita Flip Book

Lindsey Rita Flip Book FT

Lindsey & Rita Flip Book This is a stop motion video featuring Lindsey and Rita that was created using 800 individual pictures. It was photographed at MMP Studios in Houston, TX by photographer Melvin Maya. Below is a list of the equipment that was used to make this video: Canon …

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Blue Trees & Body Paint

Blue Trees Body Paint Houston TX FT

Blue Trees & Body Paint This is the behind scenes from my Blue Trees & Body Paint photoshoot in Houston, TX! Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos selected a large group of trees in Houston, TX and painted them blue. It has become a regular spot for people to stop take take …

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Shellee & Veronique Flip Book

Shellee Veronique Flip Book FT

Shellee & Veronique Flip Book This was my 1st attempt at a flip book project and thanks to the lovely Shellee and Veronique for making it a success!! This is a stop motion video that was created using 2,300 individual pictures! It was photographed at mmpstudios.com in Houston, TX by …

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