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Melvin Maya Affiliate Links

Thank you for visiting my Affiliates page! I put this page together to give you guys a little better understanding of what affiliates are and how it helps me. I currently work by day to cover my day to day living expenses and when I have a little extra money, I invest in the things I love. Things like my DSLR’s, action cameras, drones, lenses, and basically all the equipment and software necessary to shoot photos and videos. As you can imagine, all of these items are pricey and they quickly add up.

All the content I put out there on my social media, YouTube videos, this BLOG, everything is free for you to view, use, etc. But with affiliates, it allows you to give back to me without having be a paid subscriber or send me money but rather buy the things you might already have plans to buy, or utilize services that you already use. Basically the way it works is if you click on any of the links below, I get a small commission. It doesn't affect the pricing on anything you buy, you’re still paying the exact same amount you would, but by clicking the links below, you’re helping me to keep doing what I do. Some of these links do offer you something for free, like the Hulu link you get your first 2 weeks free. Or the Uber and Lyft links will give you some sort of free ride or credit dollars but it changes from time to time, so I don’t always know the exact offer you’ll be receiving.

My eventual goal is to travel for a living and share all my experiences with you guys, my viewers, my subscribers, my followers, but I’m a long way from making that happen! If you see ads on my website and also on my YouTube videos, I do in fact make money from that but it’s literally pennies until the traffic on my website and YouTube channel grows.

So in an effort to reach my dream of traveling for a living potentially arrive a little quicker, I’m creating as many affiliate partnerships as I can. If you are company that has an affiliate offer for me, feel free to reach out to me and give me more details. I’m avidly seeking sponsorship and affiliate opportunities.

With all that being said, here are my current affiliate offerings, just click any of these links prior to making your purchases and it will help me out tremendously!! On a side note, it also helps me out if you SHARE my BLOG on social media and if you’re not already SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube channel, please SUBSCRIBE!!

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