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If you came here thinking you might find movie reviews of the latest movies in the theater I’m sorry to disappoint you but it’s quite the opposite. While going to the movies used to be one of my absolute favorite things to do, I’d much prefer to watch them from the comfort of my own home these days. That doesn’t mean I won’t go see movies from time to time in the theater, but not nearly as often as I’ll be streaming from my couch or while laying in bed. So with that in mind, you can expect to read movie reviews of both old and new movies. To follow up on that, with the convenience of streaming, I’ve found a new challenge, trying to find a movie that I haven’t already seen. So if you have suggestions of movies for me to watch, comment on my Movie Review BLOG’s or let me know on social media but make sure to use #melvinmoviesuggestion so your suggestions will reach me.

31 Days of Horror

31 Days of Horror With October approaching, it’s time for me to start preparing for my tradition of 31 Days of Horror! It’s hard for me to remember exactly how long ago I started this tradition but I at least know that it goes back more than 15 years. So …

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