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Behind The Scenes With AddisonMinx

Today I had the opportunity to collaborate with the talented model AddisonMinx for a photoshoot. This was a truly exciting experience for me and I couldn't wait to share the behind the scenes details with all of you.

AddisonMinx Brittney Bufkin 01

For this photoshoot, we decided to focus on three main themes - BOXED, MASKED and studio photos. Each theme was carefully planned and executed to capture the essence of her personal style and aesthetic. The BOXED theme was all about showcasing her creativity and versatility as a model, with bold and dynamic poses set against a minimalistic background.

AddisonMinx Brittney Bufkin 03

The MASKED theme was a bit more dramatic and edgy, with a focus on shadows, lighting, and texture. We used masks to add an element of mystery and intrigue to the images, making them truly captivating. The studio photos were more classic and timeless, with a focus on highlighting my features and showcasing her natural style.

Throughout the photoshoot, Addison and I worked together to bring each theme to life, experimenting with different lighting, angles, and poses to create the perfect images. It was a true team effort and I couldn't be happier with the final results.

AddisonMinx Brittney Bufkin 02

If you're interested in getting a behind the scenes look at this photoshoot, check out this short video clip on my Instagram.

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