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Behind The Scenes With The Predator

Today is a little different from most of the shoots I do because today we are behind the scenes with The Predator!! No, this isn't a real costume from the movie, believe it or not, Ryan (the guy inside the costume) made this thing completely from scratch! And if you're a millennial and you're clueless as to who The Predator is, check out the movie here. Ryan also brought his from Lucy L. to shoot with him. Basically, Ryan's idea for this was to mimic the 1993 self titles album "Janet" by Janet Jackson. What you don't see on this album cover until you've actually removed the book from the album is that she is topless and someone has their hands over her chest. Now that I've explained all that, haha, check out the photos and videos below, and to see more, visit my photography website at mmpstudios.com.

The Predator 01

Lucy LeNoir 01

Here are some solo shots of Ryan as The Predator

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And here are some of both Ryan and Lucy together

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