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Reacting To BLACKPINK ‘How You Like That’

Reacting To BLACKPINK ‘How You Like That’

BLACKPINK is a South Korean girl group that has taken the world by storm. Their music is a mix of K-Pop, hip-hop, and pop, and they have quickly become one of the biggest bands in the world.

One of their biggest hits is "How You Like That," which was released in June 2020. This song is a powerful and upbeat track that showcases the girls' vocal and rap skills. The music video for "How You Like That" is just as impressive, featuring intricate choreography and stunning visuals.

The lyrics of "How You Like That" are about confidence and empowerment. The song encourages listeners to embrace their individuality and not let anyone bring them down. The chorus of the song is particularly catchy, with the girls singing "How you like that?" in a challenging and assertive tone.

The success of "How You Like That" is a testament to BLACKPINK's popularity and influence. The song broke records for the most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours and was a top 10 hit in several countries. It also received critical acclaim, with many music critics praising the girls' strong vocals and the song's infectious beat.

In conclusion, "How You Like That" is a standout track that showcases the best of BLACKPINK. The girls' powerful vocals, infectious beat, and confident lyrics make this song a must-listen for anyone who loves pop music. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just discovering BLACKPINK for the first time, "How You Like That" is sure to get you hooked.

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