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Using ORCISH Recovery Traction Boards To Take Delivery Of My RV

Using ORCISH Recovery Traction Boards To Take Delivery Of My RV

I used ORCISH recovery traction boards to take delivery of my RV because when I purchased my RV there was a delay in getting it delivered to my house, and with that delay, came the rain! Usually, something like this wouldn’t be a big deal, however, if it had been delivered on time, as promised, then none of this would have ever happened. But the dealership dropped the ball.... more than once, but I’ll just leave that for some other time.

So as you’ll see here in the video if I hadn’t purchased the ORCISH recovery traction boards, I likely wouldn’t have been able to get my RV into the correct position at the property I’m currently living on. Although this has been the only time I’ve used them so far, I can say they worked exactly as they were supposed to. They priced fairly compared to some of the others, and as you’ll see in the video, they cleaned up pretty well too. Granted, it took a while to get them clean, but that’s to be expected for a product like this.

If you or your company have any products you’d like for me to test out and use in a video, please contact me.

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