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1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 10 of 10 | Eli

1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 10 of 10 | Eli

1000 piece jigsaw puzzle 10 of 10 is officially done! Puzzle 10 of 10 was a puzzle of Eli in a pig mask at an abandoned building in Galveston! It was an adventurous shoot that nearly landed us in cuffs because the cops showed up and said we were “trespassing” which was really just more of a misunderstanding than anything because there were no signs posted where we entered the building, so we didn’t realize we were “trespassing”. Nonetheless, none of us are hoodlums with police records, so once they ran our driver’s licenses, all they could do was scold us verbally and release us. I wish I could’ve visited that building a few more times to do shoots before it was converted but at least I managed to get in there for this shoot. To see more of my photography, you can visit my other website MMP Studios.

This was the last video from this series but it’s not the last puzzle video by any means. The next puzzle video will either be the Grand Canyon video from my trip a couple of years ago or it might be another puzzle review as I’ve received quite a few puzzles from several companies. So I’ll be putting those out about once a week as well.

If you or your company have a puzzle you’d like me to review or any other products in general, please reach out to me so we can work out all the details.

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