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I Lost Over 25 Pounds During Quarantine By Eating H-E-B Meal Simple Meals

I Lost Over 25 Pounds During Quarantine By Eating H-E-B Meal Simple Meals

This year has been chocked full of ups and downs! If you had told me last year that we would spend most of 2020 in quarantine and that I’d end up losing over 25 pounds by simply eating H-E-B “Meal Simple” meals, I’d probably think you were lying, but that’s exactly what happened! But before we get to that, let’s go back to last year, before any of this happened!

More specifically, let’s go back to May 28th of 2019 when I made a pretty big life decision. That was the day that I decided I was going to sell everything I own (almost everything) to pursue my lifelong dream of traveling full time and seeing all 50 states in the U.S. You see, just the same as all of you, I had no idea that COVID 19 would arrive and pretty much put the world into a near standstill. So after making my decision, I started working on all the necessary steps, first by separating out everything I wanted to sell and listing it online, then prepping my house, so I could sell it as well. I sold and closed on my home in January of 2020, still no news of COVID just yet, so I continued forward with my plans and moved in with a friend. The plan was to live with my friend for approximately 1 year so I could purchase my RV and do some minor renovations to it leading up to 2021. My goal date to hit the road full time was supposed to be January of 2021 but that’s all changed now due to the coronavirus.

As the days passed and the news of covid hit and everything began to go into lockdown, my dream of traveling full time started to seem like it might not be able to happen but I wasn’t ready to give up yet and continued to move forward with everything. In June I sold my SUV and purchased a fifth wheel and pickup truck. Shortly after that, I was laid off due to covid, and that’s when things to a dramatic turn for me. Up until that moment, I was still working from home and maintaining my overhead. But that’s all changed now, I’m still out of work and I’ll only be able to get by for a little longer unless I can secure new employment. So I’m still searching hard to find employment, but employment that will also allow me to still travel full time. Either that or I’ll have to find some sort of regular employment and put my plans to travel next year on hold. So I’ve got some tough decisions ahead of me.

So now that you’ve sat and listened to some of the less fortunate moments of my year, let’s move onto something a little more positive. Yes, I actually have lost over 25 pounds while in quarantine by eating H-E-B “Meal Simple” meals! At the beginning of this year I weighed in at 197 pounds, and at the time of writing this, I’m now down to 171.6!! I started this in February, right around the time that most of the country went into quarantine. My roommate and I initially started eating this way simply as a result of being in quarantine. We began eating the Meal Simple meals because they were so easy to prepare, you literally remove the plastic and put them in the oven. We generally do the larger meals and split them as opposed to the individual meals. Now we do of course sometimes add side items like rice, or salad that are not part of the “Meal Simple” meals but the core of our meals is based around the Meal Simple meals.

Now in case you’re wondering, have I also been exercising or working out alongside these meals to lose the weight? And the answer to that is no. The first couple of weeks I was walking daily but I slowly abandoned that and have only continued forward with the meals. I don’t count calories, I don’t do any overly complicated meal planning in general, I basically select the core item for the dinner, i.e. chicken, and then build the rest of the meal around that. Something like rice and salad. Or maybe brussel sprouts and rice. Sometimes I slice the chicken up and use it to make tacos or a burrito as well. So fast forward to now, and I’m officially down over 25 pounds and it’s all from switching up my diet and eating mostly H-E-B Meal Simple meals! I’m no dietician or medical professional, so I do recognize that not everyone will experience the same results but so far it’s working for me and I plan to stick to it!

As a secondary example, my roommate has also been eating the same way but he has chosen to do some light cardio the entire time, and he’s down over 40 pounds in the same span of time.

So in a year that has been literally up and down like a roller coaster, at least I can say I have my health! As for everything else, all I can do is keep working hard and trying to find a new job and just pray that I don’t end up losing my RV. I gave up just about everything I have to pursue my dream to travel and hopefully quarantine and COVID will not take what little I have left.

If you want to help support my dream to travel, you can do so by purchasing something from my merch store! Another way to help is for you or your company to sponsor my YouTube content! And lastly, you can help by referring some work to me. I’m a Digital Media Manager and Developer. Basically, this means I spend most of my time behind a camera or a computer. I manage social media for companies and small businesses. I build and maintain websites. I’m also a photographer and videographer. If you want to know more specifically what types of services I can provide, feel free to contact me at any time.

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