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2018 Road Trip With My Parents A Day In Muir Woods

2018 Road Trip With My Parents A Day In Muir Woods

We spent our last day in San Francisco visiting the Muir Woods National Monument. Muir Woods is a little North of San Francisco, and it has some of the largest redwood trees, reaching heights as high as 258 feet! I had some concerns of taking my parents there because it requires a lot of walking and with their age, I didn’t want to stress them out. Fortunately, though, all those super tall trees kept us mostly out of direct sunlight and fairly cool. I also made sure that we stuck to the simplest trail, that had pretty level ground and paths, so my parents were able to get through it with ease. My parents couldn’t stop saying how beautiful it was and how much they truly enjoyed being there.

After Muir Woods, we had planned on eating in the town of Sausalito, which is on the way back to San Francisco, but unfortunately, most of the town was already closing up for the day and the few places to eat didn’t really seem all that appetizing to us. So we opted to just drive back to our hotel and eat somewhere within walking distance.

Since we knew we had 3 days of driving ahead of us, approximately 30 hours in total, we figured it was best to get back to our hotel and take it easy for the night.

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