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2018 Road Trip With My Parents San Francisco to Texas

2018 Road Trip With My Parents San Francisco to Texas

I have to say that I really enjoyed taking my parents on this trip and as you can see in the videos, I’m pretty sure they enjoyed it as well. But all things good things must come to an end and for us, that “end” was a 3-day drive from San Francisco, CA to Houston, TX! Day one of the drive consisted of a 13-14 hour drive from San Francisco, CA to Phoenix, AZ. We tried to make as few stops as possible since there were still two more days of driving ahead of us. By the time we arrived at our hotel in Phoenix, it was nearly 1:00 am, so after a quick tour of my room and a shower, I hit the sack!

Our second day of driving would take us from Phoenix, AZ to San Angelo, TX. It was another 13-14 hour day and again with as few stops as possible because I was already pretty tired from the first day. We got to our hotel in San Angelo after midnight again and pretty much went straight to bed.

For our final drive, our route was from San Angelo to Houston but not before making a stop at my mom’s childhood home in San Angelo. Although we only saw it from the road, I could still recognize it from the last time I saw it in the 80s, when we went there to move my grandparents to Houston. After we finished reminiscing there, we hit the road for Round Rock, TX to visit some family.

We didn’t film our visit in Round Rock since it was more of a private family visit. After we finished up in Round Rock it was finally time to head home! The first stop was in Cypress, TX to drop my parents off at their home and then I continued on to Houston, TX to my home.

I had a great time taking my parents on this trip and once I officially get my RV out on the road, I’m planning to take them on some more trips!

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