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The Zombie Flick Yummy, on Shudder

The Zombie Flick Yummy, on Shudder

If you know me well, then you pretty much know that I love all things horror, especially when it comes to movies! So it should also come as no surprise that I have a subscription to Shudder, the streaming service that in essence is the “Netflix” of the horror genre! Given that I’m always looking for new horror movies to watch and I’ve pretty much exhausted just about everything there is to see on Netflix, Hulu, and Prime of the horror-related movies and shows, I’m glad that I’ve been a subscriber to Shudder since pretty much it’s inception!

I just wrapped up watching a Shudder Orignal titled Yummy, it’s a Dutch film and lucky for me, it’s ALMOST entirely in English. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem reading subtitles, as a matter of fact, I usually have subtitles on when I watch just about anything, it often helps to get better clarification of everything that’s being said. My only issue with subtitles at times is that I’m a multitasker, I’m often building a new website for someone, editing photos, or working on one of my own websites while “watching” movies and shows. In all honesty, though, I do a lot more “listening” than “watching” when I’m working on multiple things, hence, why I don’t always like subtitled movies. So like I said, lucky for me, Yummy was mostly in English and there wasn’t too much reading involved, so I was still able to work whilst checking out a new horror flick!

Now on to the review. I’m not one to put spoilers in my reviews, I actually go out of my way to try and say as little as possible about the actual plot or storyline so as to not ruin it for anyone reading my reviews. So if my reviews come off as pretty vague or not too in-depth, then I’ve accomplished my goal. My main goal in reviewing movies and shows it to bring light to something you may have never heard of or considered watching but without giving it all away. So here’s my review of Yummy on Shudder! It’s a zombie flick, with some gore, some mild comedy, the occasional nudity, and as in many zombie flicks, fast-paced escape attempts from said zombies. What drew in my attention on this movie was some of the gore and somewhat comical ways they managed to kill off some of the zombies. They used many of the camera angles we’re used to seeing in a movie like this, but the use of blood splashes on the cameras is something I found to be a little more unique. Yes, it’s done before, there’s not much left to do these days that hasn’t already been done, but they did it well and I could be wrong but it looks like it was actually fake blood and not loads of CGI. Come to think of it, maybe that’s why I enjoyed a lot of the scenes in the movie, I believe the majority of it was done with makeup and effects and not CGI, and for me, I’d much rather see the effects and not something computer-generated.

So if you like horror, you like zombies, and you like some gore in your movies, then I’d recommend watching Yummy on Shudder! I’d rate it a solid 9 out of 10. I’m also going to give myself a shameless plug to one of my previous blogs, 31 Days of Horror, where I’ve compiled a pretty hefty list of horror movies! I’ll likely be updating that list very soon, so we’ll have some fresh titles to choose from when October rolls around.

If you don’t have a subscription to Shudder, you can also pick up Yummy on Bluray or DVD from Amazon.

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