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Behind The Scenes With Amesti R and Nikki D

As a photographer, I had the opportunity to work with two amazing models, Amesti R and Nikki D, for one of the most unique photoshoots I have ever been a part of. For this particular shoot, we wanted to do something different and outside of the box. The final result was a visually stunning and eccentric!

Nikki Danis-01

One of the most eye-catching elements of the shoot were the hearts that were used as props. And to answer your question, yes, those were real pig hearts. While some may find it disturbing, we wanted to incorporate real elements into the shoot to add a level of authenticity and edge to the final product. However, the blood that was used was not real, it was simply some off-the-shelf blood that was easily available for purchase. If you are planning to do a similar photoshoot, you can easily purchase this fake blood here.

Amesti Reioux and Nikki Danis-01

The inspiration for this shoot came from the Ten$ion album cover by the South African rap-rave group, Die Antwoord. I am a big fan of their music, but what truly inspires me is their visually stunning music videos. I find so much creative inspiration from Die Antwoord and their unique style. This photoshoot was a perfect opportunity for me to put my own spin on their aesthetic and create something truly one-of-a-kind.

Amesti Reioux-01

Check out Nikki with that heart!

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And no, I didn't tell Amesti she had to actually bight the heart, haha. She did that all on her own!

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Overall, this behind-the-scenes photoshoot with Amesti R and Nikki D was a thrilling and unique experience that pushed the boundaries of traditional photoshoots. The final result was a beautiful and eccentric collection of images that truly showcased the creative vision of everyone involved.

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