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Central Park

It’s day 3 in New York and it was time to check out Central Park! So the group I was staying with at the apartment on Wall Street and myself all got a ride over to Central Park to meet up with some other friends that were in New York for the weekend. It didn’t take me too long to spot some of the well-known locations from movies like Home Alone 2, and an endless amount of others!

I was pretty surprised by how much water space was there. I thought it was mostly gonna just be more of an urban park but there was certainly a lot of water as well. I really liked how you could have the scenic views of the skyscrapers in the background of all the plant life!

After spending a few hours there, the group broke off and some of us decided to go check out Chinatown. I didn’t include any of that in the video cause it was pretty chill and not much of anything to really share. I did, however, take some photos of the mosaic art pieces at The Bean.

From there we decided to eat at Paul’s Da Burger Joint and it was just what I needed! If you’re ever in NY, it’s a small place but the burgers are really good!

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