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From Houston to New York

Last year I took my first trip to New York! This VLOG covers my time from Houston to New York and is part of a multi-video series. I was initially planning to just do one video of the entire weekend but as I began editing I realized that I had way too much to cram into just one video. So I tried to break it up not just by days but also by different events and things we did. Some days may have one videos and others have 3 and so on.

Anyhow, this video basically lets you follow me from Houston to New York and a little bit into that night. We did actually go out that night after meeting up at TAO but most of the places we went to were bars and venues that had very low light, so I gave up on trying to capture any of that.

Throughout this video series you’ll see quite a few people, in total we were a group of 6 but we also met up with different friends throughout the weekend, so for some the places we visited and things we did, you may or may not see everyone. Overall though, it was a great group of friends and it made for a very memorable weekend! I haven’t been back to New York yet but I definitely have plans to visit again.

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