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Ghostly Figures at Moss Mansion

Ghostly Figures at Moss Mansion

Located in Billings, Montana

Moss Mansion, located in Billings, Montana, is a historic home that has been standing for over a century. Built in 1903 by Preston Boyd Moss, a successful businessman, the mansion was designed in the Richardsonian Romanesque style and boasts of over 20 rooms, including 8 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. However, the mansion's history is not just about its architectural beauty, but also the stories of hauntings that have been associated with it over the years.

The mansion's construction began in 1901 and was completed in 1903. Preston Boyd Moss, the original owner, was a wealthy businessman who made his fortune in the coal and timber industry. The mansion was built as a summer home for the Moss family and was used as such until the death of Preston in 1939.

After his death, the mansion was used as a boarding house and later as a nursing home. It was during this time that the stories of hauntings began to surface. Reports of strange noises and ghostly sightings have been reported by both staff and residents of the nursing home.

One of the most common ghostly sightings is that of a woman in a white dress who is said to roam the halls of the mansion. Many people believe that this is the ghost of Preston's wife, Annabelle, who passed away shortly after the completion of the mansion.

Another ghostly figure that is said to haunt the mansion is that of a man wearing a suit. Some believe that this is the ghost of Preston himself, who never left the house that he loved so much.

There have also been reports of ghostly children playing in the halls and rooms of the mansion. Many believe that these are the spirits of the children who lived in the house when it was a boarding house.

The Moss Mansion has undergone several renovations and restorations over the years, but despite this, the stories of hauntings have continued to surface. Today, the mansion is open to the public for tours and is a popular destination for those interested in the paranormal. Visitors can take a guided tour of the mansion, which includes information about the history of the house and the stories of hauntings.

In conclusion, Moss Mansion is a beautiful and historic home in Billings, Montana that has a rich history and a unique association with the paranormal. Its stories of hauntings have made it a popular destination for those interested in the paranormal and it is definitely worth a visit.

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