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Taking My Nephew To A Houston Skatepark and Graffiti Park

Taking My Nephew To A Houston Skatepark and Graffiti Park

While my nephew Turner was visiting me for a week, I took him into town to see one of the skateparks and a well-known graffiti park as well as a few other spots. The first place I wanted to take him was the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark! This skatepark is right beside the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern and Eleanor Tinsley Park. Unfortunately, the cistern wasn’t open for visits, and the area of Eleanor Tinsley Park I was hoping to show him was also closed. We did however get to see the skatepark from above. We weren’t there to do any skating or anything, it was more of just a site-seeing trip this time around. Just before leaving the area, we walked over to the street crossing that goes over the top of Memorial Dr to see the view of downtown. The view isn’t that great in this video but when you see the view from that angle at night, it’s a lot more appealing.

From there we hopped back into the truck and I drove him through downtown, and as it turns out, it was his first time to see Downtown Houston. After our quick pass through downtown, we arrived at Graffiti Park. The art on these walls is everchanging and it’s usually some really great work but this time around a lot of the better work had been covered over. We still got to see some great pieces but most of the ones I was hoping to show him had unfortunately been painted over. Just means I’ll have to take him out there again sometime in the future.

After that, we made one more stop down the road at 8th Wonder Brewery so I could show him the massive Beatles Statues and “We Love Houston” sign. As expected, with COVID, the brewery wasn’t open as most of these types of venues are still currently not allowed to operate.

That was our final stop for the day since it was so hot out.

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