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2018 Road Trip With My Parents New Mexico to Las Vegas

2018 Road Trip With My Parents New Mexico to Las Vegas

After a long drive from Houston to Albuquerque with plenty of stops along the way and a full day of activities, it was nice to get some sleep. I can’t, however, claim that I got in a full night’s rest because once I got back to the hotel after dinner, I emptied all the memory cards from all the cameras and also set up the camera for the morning sunrise timelapse. Once I finally got to bed, it felt like my alarm clock was ringing the moment I closed my eyes. Even though it wasn’t a great amount of sleep, it was better than nothing!

Once we finished loading up the car and making a quick stop at Starbucks for some much-needed coffee and breakfast, we stopped to get some gas and it was at that moment when I went to pay for the gas that I realized I had forgotten my credit card at the dinner venue the night before. I immediately found their number and attempted to call them but it was so early in the morning that they weren’t even open, so naturally, there wasn’t anyone there to answer the phones. I decided that I still wanted to stop by there on the off chance that maybe someone would be there and I could get my card. Lucky for me, I happened to catch a manager that was just arriving to open up and I explained my situation and he walked me inside and returned my card. This was a huge weight off my shoulders because this was the primary card I was planning to use for the entire trip and I forgot it on the first night!

So after that unplanned detour, we got on the road a little later than planned but that didn’t stop us from our next planned destination, The Grand Canyon! We made it there in pretty good time and spent about 3-4 hours touring the area. I didn’t want to make my parents do TOO much walking, so I tried to take them to the best spots that I could remember from my previous visit, 10 years prior.

Although we didn’t get to spend quite a much time at the Grand Canyon as I had hoped for, it was just the right amount of time for my parents. So we got back on the road and headed for Las Vegas!

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