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The Puzzle Series | Grand Canyon

The Puzzle Series | Grand Canyon

For today’s puzzle series video, I’m completing a puzzle of the Grand Canyon. I purchased this puzzle when I took a road trip with my parents back in 2018 from Houston to San Francisco and The Grand Canyon was one of our stops on that trip. This puzzle was a little different from the others I’ve completed so far because it’s a panoramic puzzle, so it was about the same amount of pieces but the shape was much wider and shorter in height. I really liked the quality of the pieces, they locked into one another really nicely. This puzzle did end up taking me a little longer to complete though because the canyon portion of it all looked relatively the same, so it made it tough to differentiate from one section to another. Overall though, it was a fun puzzle to complete!

If you or your company would like to send me a puzzle to complete or do a review of, please contact me at any time. I’m also open to reviewing other products, not just puzzles, so feel free to reach out to me about that as well.

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