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1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 3 of 10 | Amesti

1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 3 of 10 | Amesti

This is puzzle #3 in The Puzzle Series! I asked you guys to vote on which one you wanted me to do next and this is what you chose. This puzzle is from a photoshoot I did with Amesti for my Masked Series. When I initially started my masked series I never would’ve guessed that it would grow into one of the biggest series from MMP Studios. The concept with this one was pretty simple, try to look as creepy as possible. This wasn’t my first time showing with Amesti, in fact, we had done countless shoots before this one and the reason we shot together so often is that we both enjoyed trying to come up with unique, creepy, and sometimes odds themes for our shoots. Another reason she was perfect for this one is that she was great at doing some of the most difficult poses. While the pose in this shot wasn’t super difficult, some of the others from this set were. You can check some of those out by visiting MMP Studios.

We still have 7 more puzzles to go for this series, so please comment on the video and let me know which one you want to see next! The remaining puzzle will appear just before the music credits at the end of the video.

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