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2018 Road Trip With My Parents A Day In Las Vegas

2018 Road Trip With My Parents A Day In Las Vegas

Another day another destination on the 2018 road trip with my parents! This time our stop was in Las Vegas where we spent a full day celebrating my mom’s Birthday! We started our day with a bountiful buffet at the Wynn! After getting our fair share of delicious morsels into our bellies, we took to the streets to tour the Vegas strip!

Given that my parents are older, we only got to tour a small amount of the strip but I did make sure that they got to see the water show at the Bellagio. Once we finished up on the strip, we took a cab back to the Stratosphere. It was time to check off another item on my bucket list so after a break in our rooms, we took the elevator up to the observation deck. My mom mostly stuck to the inner areas of the observation deck due to her fear of heights but my dad and I walked pretty much the entire area. Although I too have a fear of heights, I like to challenge those fears, which brings me back to my bucket list, item #395 “Go on rides on top of Stratosphere”. It may be tough to tell in the video, but I was terrified going over that ledge over and over again, but now it’s officially checked off my list!

After wrapping up at the Stratosphere it was time to go to the Luxor so we could see Criss Angel. My mom loves the Beatles, so my initial plan was to get tickets for Cirque du Soleil the Beatles. However, when I booked our trip, it was already sold out, so Criss Angel would have to do. As it turns out, my tickets to Criss Angel were fantastic, we were only a few rows from the stage! You’ll notice in the video that we don’t have any video from the show and that’s because they were VERY strict about any sort of photography or videography. Not that I was planning to film the whole show or anything but I did want a clip for our memories. Nonetheless, we all really enjoyed the show, even being as close as we were to the stage, we still couldn’t figure out any of his tricks or illusions!

From there we went to a restaurant in the same hotel to have a Birthday dinner for my mom before heading back to our hotel. We didn’t want to make it too late of a night since the following day we’d be making our next leg of the trip, our drive to San Francisco!

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