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2018 Road Trip With My Parents Cadillac Ranch and Meow Wolf

2018 Road Trip With My Parents Cadillac Ranch and Meow Wolf

I’m not sure how I let this happen but I never got around to editing the videos from my 2018 road trip with my parents. I may be nearly 2 years late but I’m getting it done now! This is the first video from the series and there will be a total of 5-8 more following this one.

The final destination for our road trip was San Francisco but that’s a long drive, so we made plenty of stops along the way! Our trip started at my home in Houston and our first destination stop was in Amarillo, TX to see Caddilac Ranch. We didn’t stay the night or anything, we got there a little after sunrise, stayed for about 30 minutes, and then jumped back in the car and headed to Albuquerque. We made a stop for breakfast once we passe the New Mexico state border at a place called Russel’s Truck and Travel Center. It was a great meal, I think it’s safe to say that we all stuffed our tummies pretty full, haha. As is turns out, the diner owner collected cars and all sorts of other collectibles, so we took a quick tour of all those things before leaving.

Once we finished up there, we hit the road again and made our way to our first hotel for the trip, Marriott Albuquerque. We only stayed there long enough to drop off our luggage and belongings because we still had a few more stops before calling it a day.

Our first stop after the hotel was in Santa Fe, we went to Meow Wolf. It was an amazing exhibit of arts of all sorts. Everything from paintings to electrical contraptions, to lights, and several interactive pieces as well. It’s kind of tough to fully explain it, it’s best to just check it out in the video. Since we were on a pretty tight schedule, we only got to stay for a couple of hours, so I do plan to go back sometime in the future.

After we left Meow Wolf, we still had one more stop to make once we got back to Albuquerque. The next stop was Sandia Peak Tramway where we were supposed to ride the tramway to the top of the mountain and watch the sunset over Albuquerque but unfortunately, just as we arrived there, so did some bad weather, so they had to shut the tramway down for the remainder of the day.

From there we made our way to Garduno’s Restaurant to have some dinner before calling it a night. My mom and I stayed awake the entire first lego f the trip from Houston through all the stops I just mentioned, so getting rest was important since we had another big day ahead of us.

Our destination for the next day is the Grand Canyon!

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