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Tasting 9 Funky Sodas With My Nephew

Tasting 9 Funky Sodas With My Nephew

My nephew recently decided to start his very own YouTube Channel and asked me to help, which of course I was happy to help him with. So we started by first coming up with a list of video ideas! Tasting 9 funky sodas with my nephew is the second video on his channel with more to come! If you want to see Tuner’s video with the other half of the drinks we tasted, you can view it here.

After we decided what videos to start working on, I told him we needed to make a logo and also come up with a name for his channel. We ended up going with Turnerriffic for his channel name and you can see the logo we made by visiting his channel.

If you like this video and want to see more of this type of content on my channel, then let me know in the comments.

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