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Staten Island and Tribeca Film Festival

For my second day in New York, we went to Staten Island and the Tribeca Film Festival. We started the day with a short walk from our apartment to the ferry. As you probably noticed in the video, the weather was pretty lousy but we made the best of it. I only wish I could have captured the Statue of Liberty better but maybe next time I’m in New York I’ll do the Statue of Liberty tour and hopefully have better weather at that time. The ferry ride was pretty nice and I enjoyed taking in the scenery around me. We literally only spent about 2 minutes on Staten Island, we exited one ferry and immediately boarded another one to head back to New York because there wasn’t much of anything going on that day.

Once we arrived back to New York, we had pizza for lunch and returned to our room to relax for a bit and meet up with the rest of our group. From there we hopped into an Uber/Lyft and made our way over to Tribeca Film Festival to screen some short films. Since they were shorts, we actually watched about 5 different films back to back and I really enjoyed all of them. After the films, we went back to the room again to change and head out for some dinner.

Once we wrapped up with our dinner, the group split into two and half went out to have some drinks and the other half went to Time Square and Grand Central Station. If you wanna know which group I went with, make sure to check back for my next VLOG! If you’re not already SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube channel and you enjoy my videos, please take a moment to subscribe.

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