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I Blame It On Casey Neistat!!

I blame it on Casey Neistat!! I could only watch him out there on his Boosted Board for so long before I got the urge to buy one, haha. All kidding aside, I’ve been super anxious to take this thing out and try it but I’m dealing with the same circumstances that have been preventing me from taking my DJI Mavic Air out, the WEATHER! It’s been raining off and on just about every day here in Houston and on the days that it’s not rainy, I’m not available. Hopefully, that will change soon and I’ll get to take my Boosted Board out!! I did do some very light riding in the house and learned really quickly that’s a bad idea unless I want to end up with a hole in my wall. So yeah, I’ll have to wait it out until I can try it outdoors, where it’s meant to be. Until then, here’s a video of my unboxing it and telling you guys a little more about myself. Feel free to ask me anything in the comments and I’ll make sure to answer in an upcoming video. And if you’re in Austin this weekend or next for SXSW, keep an eye out for me cause I’ll be there too.

On a side note, Casey if you should happen to come across this video, I know you come to Houston, TX quite often. I’ve lived in this city my entire life and know a lot of really great spots that you would probably enjoy and would make for some great videos!! So if you’re ever in town and want a personal guide, hit me up!!

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