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Unboxing Segway Drift W1 | Testing Segway Electric Shoes

Unboxing Segway Drift W1

Well it only took me 5 months to finally find the time to edit this video of me doing an Unboxing Segway Drift W1’s! It was really fun to get to test these out with my nephews. Hopefully I’ll get to have them in more videos, I already have some ideas in mind. Shoutout to my niece for helping shoot the second half of this video.

My review of the Segways is at the end of the video, it was pretty short because we only got to ride them for about 15 minutes before the rain came in and put an end to all the fun. Since then, I’ve used them quite a bit and I’ve really enjoyed them. In the past, I would often ride my Swagtron Swagboard through the house but it was always tough when it came to doorways. But with these Segways, I can get through the doorways with ease! Aside from that, they are toys, like the rest of them but with an added bonus. I had already discovered a few years back with the Swagtron Swagboard that they come in really handy for shooting video clips that require a smooth follow. Yes, there are gimbal and stabilizers for that but the hoverboards/shoes actually work GREAT for it! Speaking of gimbals, last year I picked up the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 and I’m planning to do a video on that soon! And just a couple weeks ago I picked up the DJI Osmo Pocket and will do a video for that too!! Until then...

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