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Most Terrifying, Yet Funny, Work Safety Video

It was around the year 2004 that I was shown the most terrifying, yet funny, work safety videos of all time. Let’s rewind to circa 2004, when I had graduated from Friendster to Myspace and started making some of my very first social media friends. I was out at a bar one night and met a nice young lady by the name of Cindy Mae, and shortly thereafter we became friends on Myspace. It didn’t take long for us to become social media buddies that exchanged messages on a fairly regular basis, sharing silly memes and all things out of the norm that we came across on the web. Social media back then was much different what we’re used to these days on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth. These days if we see a funny video on Facebook, all we have to do is share it to our news feed or “wall” and if you want someone specific to see it, you can just tag them in the post, or even send it to the directly via messenger. But back in the Myspace days, it was more likely that you came across a video on YouTube and then had to copy and paste that link in to a message and send it. And that’s exactly how I was introduced to this video, from my friend Cindy Mae, who I’m still friends with to this day.... but of course Myspace is now dead and we had to migrate over to Facebook, haha.

So on to this terrifying, yet funny video. I say it’s “terrifying” because for a work safety video, it’s actually pretty graphic. But then you throw in the “overacting” and then it becomes quite comical at the same time. I’m a lover of horror movies, I even wrote a BLOG titled "31 Days of Horror", so for me, the “graphic” nature of this video was right up there with a bad 80’s horror flick. The overly dramatic acting, overuse of blood, and extreme situations makes you wonder if this video was in fact directed by someone who produced 80’s horror movies.

If you enjoyed this over the top, ridiculous, terrifying, comical work safety video, then share it with your friends so they can have a laugh at it too. Or maybe they’ll just get grossed out, who knows, haha.

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