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A Weekend In New Orleans | VLOG 17

In April of 2018 I got to spend a weekend in New Orleans. I’m not sure how I let an entire year slip by without editing this video.... but it happened. Better late than never? I think so! Anyhow, I went on this trip because my sister placed in the top 10 percent of her company and they were rewarded with a weekend in New Orleans, as well a celebratory awards party for all the other people who also placed in the top 10 percent. Since I didn’t talk a whole lot in the video other than the intro, I’ll kinda sum up the weekend. Day one we arrived in New Orleans, got checked into the hotel and went to the pre-party, which was also in our hotel, Hyatt Regency New Orleans. From there we had just enough time to grab some lunch and then get ready for the evening celebration at Generations Hall. It was a masquerade themed party, and it was a pretty impressive party but we didn’t end the night there. After that we went back to the hotel to change and then head to Bourbon St. We hit a few spots but we didn’t stay out too late because we wanted to spend some time exploring the following day.

Day two we explored the city, visited some shops, bought some souvenirs, ate at a few places, and basically spent the entire day out. After dinner we decided to stop by Harrah’s Casino. We called it a night after that and flew out the following day. Unfortunately we didn’t get to do any ghost tours, just in case you ever decide to visit New Orleans and go on a ghost tour, make sure to book it ahead of your trip because they were pretty much all sold out, and that’s why we didn’t get to go on one. All in all, it was a great trip! It was my third time to New Orleans and I can honestly say of the three times I visited, this one was the best! Thanks to my sis for letting me tag along! That being said, I still want to go back again and do a ghost tour as well as a swamp and gator tour!! So if you wanna join me or meet up there, let me know and let’s make it happen!!

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