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Texas Photography Forum

Texas Photography Forum

Are you in Texas and looking for fellow Photographers, Models, Makeup Artists, Stylists and other professionals within the industry? Then you should join Texas Photography Forum on both Facebook and Reddit.

I created Texas Photography Forum on Facebook sometime in 2012 in the hopes of building a group of likeminded people throughout Texas. I wanted to learn from other photographers and build relationships with models, makeup artists, stylists and pretty much anyone within the industry.

Another goal was to share my own work to get feedback and I have always encouraged other members share their work for feedback too. It didn’t take long for the group to grow, and build, and continue growing. I’m happy to have created something that has now grown to well over 5,000 members and counting on Facebook.

I’ve recently decided to branch out beyond Facebook and have created a Texas Photography Forum Subreddit on Reddit.

So if you’re a photographer, model, makeup artist, stylists, or someone else that falls into the industry, you should join us on Facebook and also on Reddit! I’ve posted links to them below. I’ve also included a couple of others Subreddits that I run, so feel free to check those out too and if they pertain to anything you do, then join those too!

One side note, when joining on Facebook, you have to answer 2 questions with your request to join. If you do not answer those questions, you are automatically declined from joining, so make sure you don’t leave those blank.

Here are the links to Facebook along with the links for Reddit:

If you found this to be helpful, please share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or any other social media you use or even go oldschool and email it. I don’t care which one, just help spread the word.

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