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The Astrodome Was the Original “DOME” | VLOG 15

The Astrodome Was the Original "DOME"

The Astrodome launched in 1965 with wild accolades and reception around Houston countywide. It could boast having more than 70,000 spectators at any time. The Astrodome Was the Original "DOME" and also the first enclosed sports stadium and air-conditioned center. In addition, the Harris County stadium was the first utility that combined entertainment and sports together, handing sports fans and concert goers their favorite hotspot on a platter. The Astrodome has remained a favorite landmark in Houston, formerly known to host concerts, conventions and sporting events. For over 50 years, The Astrodome has remained at the center of many experiences but with recent clamor for redevelopment, will the astrodome, the original dome command respect and pull crowds like it used to?

The new vision for the Astrodome, the original dome, is heart warming and incredible. The proposal for the grand masterpiece is conscious of history and preservation. “This proposal checks a lot of the boxes. Respectful of history and preservation? Yes. A place for the public to enjoy? Yes. Affordable? Yes. Done without a tax increase? Yes." Houston chronicle Editorial page reported. As the grand vision pushed by the leadership of Harris county commissioners court for the Astrodome continues, the future is definitely looking bright. The Astrodome is paid for, so the taxpayers owe practically nothing. The county commissioner said that "The Astrodome will become the center of everything for everything."

The plans for the original dome will create a new street level Astrodome floor, allowing easier transportation of patrons, vehicles and equipment. With an additional 1400 premium underground spaces for parking, parking issues will drastically reduce. The 9 acres of event space carved out from the Astrodome will be weatherproof, secure, column free and climate friendly. More than 500,000 sqft above the ground floor will also be rented to enthusiastic investors to develop and profit from. The revitalization efforts will cost $105 million in two phases. The Astrodome and people of Houston have a reason to be happy again when the new development is completed. However, for others, the new Astrodome charting a new course can never imitate the historical importance and experience of the Astrodome which will always remain the original "dome".

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