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Melvin Maya’s Bucket List

Melvin Maya's Bucket List

We all say it anytime we see something we want to do “I’m putting that on my bucket list” but most of us never actually make that list and start checking it off. So that’s why I’ve officially made Melvin Maya's Bucket List and I intend to check off as many things on it as I possibly can. The likelihood of actually completing everything on my list is pretty slim, as I will be adding to the list on a regular basis, and I already have over 400 items on my bucket list!!

I invite you all to check out my list and help me to fill in some of the blanks in regards to locations for some of the things on my list. If you have a cool place or idea of something I should add to the list, let me know and I’ll add it!! If anything on my list is in your city or town and you’d like to help me check it off my list, let me know. You can comment on this BLOG via Facebook or Google, so tell me in the comments below what you want to help with. Make sure to tell me the number of the bucket list item when you comment.

I’ve already completed a few of the items on the list and you can see them on my YouTube Channel. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel if you haven’t already and don’t forget to click the little BELL icon too so you’ll get updates when I upload new videos.

Here's a link to my Bucket List ---> https://t2m.io/qDBDiJP2

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