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2018 Road Trip With My Parents | Vegas to San Francisco | Pier 39

2018 Road Trip With My Parents | Vegas to San Francisco | Pier 39

You would think after a full day in Vegas that we would sleep in a bit, but nope, we were up early, once again, to hit the road! It was time to finally make our way to San Francisco, CA. It took the better part of the day to drive from Las Vegas to San Francisco, so by the time we checked in to our hotel, we pretty much just grabbed some dinner and called it a night.

The following day started early with some breakfast at Starbucks and then a short walk over to the bus tour pick up spot. It was a 3-hours tour all over San Fran Cisco, taking use to all the hotspots and even the unknown spots. The driver was packed full of great information about the city. Some of the stops included the Golden Gate Bridge (Bucket List #292), Lands End Lookout, and some museums.

Once the tour was complete we were presented with the option of departing the bus where we boarded or getting off at Pier 39 (Bucket List #149). Since Pier 39 was already on our list of things to see, it made sense to go ahead and take that option. We explored the pier a bit, saw the sea lions, a view of Alcatraz Island, and had some lunch.

After lunch, we continued down the piers, where off in the distance we could see SS Jeremiah O’Brien, off Pier 45. We also passed through Fisherman’s Wharf before ending up at the beach at Maritime National Historic Park. We took in the view there for a bit before walking up to Ghirardelli Square. This is the former location of the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, which was converted into some shops, cafes, and restaurants.

After a day full of sun and walking, we took an Uber back to our hotel to rest up before dinner. After dinner, we just returned to our hotel to get to bed early for once, because the following day we went to Muir Woods and I wanted to make sure my parents were ready for a full day on our feet.

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