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Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building

After some much-needed rest, a handful of us in the group were still ready to get in some more sightseeing and venturing, we made our way to the Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building! What we didn’t know when we left our room on foot and started walking the Brooklyn Bridge was that a storm was headed our way. We were only about 10 minutes into our walk before it began to drizzle and as you probably saw in the video it started to come down a little heavier and heavier as the night passed, but we didn’t let it stop us!

As we arrived at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge the rain was still a drizzle but not long after making our way up the stairs the rain got worse, which is why I went ahead and squeezed in my selfie to check another item off of my bucket list, #366 Walk The Brooklyn Bridge! We continued up the bridge a bit more and hung under the arches to let the rain subside some and that’s also when I decided to put away the Canon M50 and switch to my Google Pixel XL2.  So all the photos you saw in the video, including the one later at the Empire State Building we all shot on my Google Pixel. The rain did slow down some and I was able to get in a little more video of the bridge before we jumped in an Uber and made our way to the Empire State Building.

I think we made a good decision to go to the Empire State Building at night cause it wasn’t too crowded, but who knows for sure, it also may have been due to the rain. Anyhow, we were able to purchase our tickets and get up to the 80th floor relatively quickly. The 80th floor was more informative than anything, it had lots of plaques and history to read. That floor was also pretty well lit up, which actually made it nearly impossible to get any photos or videos without a reflection on the windows, so I’m glad we didn’t opt for just the 80 floor.

Since the view wasn’t that great from that floor, we didn’t spend much time on it and went up to the 86th floor which has an indoor area but also an outdoor observation deck. It was definitely a sight to see from the observation deck if you were brave enough to endure the weather. If my memory serves me right, it was in the 40’s or 50’s and that, mixed with rain and heavy wind since we were so high up made it tough to enjoy, but we went for it anyway and spent a decent amount of time out there and that’s when I managed to snap a few photos too!

From there we headed back in to warm up a bit before heading to the last leg, which was the Observatory on the 102 floor! Now this area was a lot smaller once you got up there and fully enclosed but since it cost extra, there were a lot fewer people up there. It’s hard to make out what I was saying in that part of the video because my external mic had died by then and the noise of the wind and air up there was drowning me out. But basically what I was saying is that it was worth the extra expense in my opinion because you could see so much further and also because it was nowhere near as crowded as the lower floors.

All in all, I really enjoyed visiting both places, and it also let me check another thing off of my bucket list, item #362, visit the Empire State Building! I would love to walk the Brooklyn Bridge again in better weather and during the day, I’m sure I could take some amazing photos there!

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