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Pier 15 and Wall Street

Just because it’s the last day in New York doesn’t mean we couldn’t get in some more stops on our visit to New York!  Our last stops included Pier 15 and Wall Steet just to name a few. Since our room was within walking distance of the East River Bikeway, we walked over there for a bit and got a few photos before making our way to the Wall Street Charging Bull!  Unfortunately by the time we arrived, it was already swarming with other tourists, making it virtually impossible to take a good photo. We didn’t waste too much time there since it was so crowded and decided to hit up some souvenir shops before lunch.

From there we went to the New York Stock Exchange building so I could snap a few shots of it. It was tough to fit the entire building in because I couldn’t scoot back any further, I was all the way against the building across the street.

After that, we went to Underdog in Hanover Square for lunch. I decided to stuff a giant burger in me, haha, cause I knew it might be the only meal for the day since it was our final day and we still had to make our flights.

Once we finished up our lunch, we began making our way back to our room but we still had a little time on our hands and decided to head back to the East River again and check out Pier 15. Pier 15 has a second level, which gives you a great view of the river as well as the Brooklyn skyline, and also the Brooklyn Bridge.

We only got to spend a few minutes there because we needed to get back to our place and grab our bags. We jumped in our final Uber/Lyft, as much as I wanted to do tally up how many we took over those days, I lost track early on, but it was at least 30, probably closer to 40 Uber/Lyft rides! This ride was probably one of our longest since we had to go all the way to Newark to catch our flights at that airport.

After leaving Newark, our next stop was St. Louis, Mo Lambert International Airport. I don’t know if it was because it was a later flight or what the deal was but that place was a ghost town and the only place to eat was Burger King. We grabbed some food and got it down as fast as we could and pretty much went right on to our last flight back to Houston!

This was my first time to visit New York but it definitely will not be my last!! Besides, I didn’t get to check off all my New York Bucket List items, so I HAVE to go back!!

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