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Why People Aren’t Subscribing To Your YouTube Channel

This is why people aren’t subscribing to your YouTube channel. A little constructive criticism and food for thought. I’ve been in several groups on Facebook, SEO Groups, Social Media Groups, YouTube Groups, Photography Groups, etc. In fact I even run some groups of my own, like Texas Photography Forum. And …

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Unboxing The GoPro Hero 7 and DJI Osmo Pocket

Everyone has been unboxing the GoPro Hero 7 and DJI Osmo Pocket lately, and I’ll be doing the same thing, but I’ll also be discussing all my other action cameras, drones, gimbals, and more! I got started several years ago with the release of the GoPro Hero 1, GoPro Hero …

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Most Terrifying, Yet Funny, Work Safety Video

It was around the year 2004 that I was shown the most terrifying, yet funny, work safety videos of all time. Let’s rewind to circa 2004, when I had graduated from Friendster to Myspace and started making some of my very first social media friends. I was out at a …

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